When: Maintenance should be done in early spring, before your water garden completely awakens from its winter dormancy. Ideally, the clean out should take place before the pond’s water temperature gets above 55° F. All clean outs will be performed between March and the end of May (weather permitting).

Why: If the clean out is performed after bacteria colonies form, the ecosystem will fall out of its natural cycle and your pond will go through another “green phase” before your bacteria colonies re-establish themselves again. Pondless waterfalls need to have the debris discharged from their basin on an annual basis.

Basic: Clean mechanical & biological filter pads & media. Rinse & clear debris from skimmer & bio-falls. Skim and remove floating debris from the pond. Top off water & reconnect pump, filter, UV light for the season. Detoxify water making it safe for plants and fish.
*Starting @ $199

Premium: Complete drain, power wash and vacuum the entire pond, waterfall & stream. Remove fish to a temporary holding tank with up to 500 gallons of existing pond water, inspect and clean all pumps, filters & skimmers. Marginal plants & hardy water lilies will be cut back and/or divided, Lighting will be inspected & tested for proper functionality, Beneficial bacteria & heavy metal/tap water detoxifier added. Lastly acclimate & re-introduce fish back into the pond and start refilling with fresh & existing pond water.
*Starting @ $499

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